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Organic Feta Cheese 300g

Organic Feta Cheese 300g

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Biodynamic Organic Feta Cheese from Hohepa Dairy.  

Feta is traditionally made in Greece from goat and sheep’s milk but also commonly now made from cow’s milk in many countries. Hōhepa Feta is often used as a table cheese, but is also great in salads, pastries and pies. Our feta is handmade using traditional methods resulting in an easy to crumble, mildly-salted product with a creamy texture.

The Hōhepa Experience

Founded 1956, Hohepa supports people with intellectual disabilities by creating safe places to live and real opportunities for people to achieve their full potential. 

We make a range of award-winning organic dairy products with quality milk from healthy happy cows, grazing chemical-free, lovingly managed pastures.

Holistic regenerative farming practices are the cornerstone of our dairy enterprise.

Close connection to the whenua, seasons, environment and life rhythms are all part of the unique Hōhepa experience.

Together we support people with intellectual disabilities to live meaningful, healthy and creative lives. The joy of involvement, achievement and learning alongside artisan craftspeople is a wonderful way for our people to grow and contribute. It’s this joy that’s embodied in every mouthful of Hōhepa Dairy.