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 Untamed Earth is about more than just growing vegetables. Our hope is to become a hub of innovation and learning that will help us adapt to a changing world. So we are very excited to be partnering with Cultivate Christchurch to become hosts of the Cultivate Youth Internship Programme.

The Untamed Earth farm will offer the youth programme space to thrive. As a commercial scale farm, the interns will have the opportunity to learn diverse skills in a busy and exciting workplace that showcases the best in organic, regenerative horticulture. Alongside vegetable production there are opportunities to learn about orchard management, pasture systems, and waterways restoration. Penny, who also works at the BHU as a horticulture teacher, will support the youth programme with her wealth of farming knowledge.

Cultivate Christchurch youth internship programme at a central urban farm

Why this is important to us:  

It is part of our kaupapa that providing connection to the land, sustenance, and a sense of purpose empowers people to thrive. Penny first learnt to grow food as a young person volunteering at a community garden. At the time she was struggling with mental illness and a sense of disconnection, the learning and connection that the garden provided helped her to heal. For the team at Untamed Earth it’s a privilege to be able to give back this experience to rangatahi.

The farm at Hōhepa is one of Aotearoa’s oldest organic farms and has a long history of working in the community. So we are also excited that as we continue to care for this land, we can use it as a space for community education and support.

Our aim:

We aim to teach young people the skills to manage land and grow food using innovative, sustainable farming methods. We want everyone to head home at the end of the day with a sense of purpose, newfound knowledge, and an armload of fresh vegetables for their whānau.

Cultivate Christchurch youth internship programme at a central urban farm

Become an intern:

If you’re aged 16-25 and would like to take part in a paid internship – or know someone who is – visit the Cultivate website to find out more:


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